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"Design a bespoke kitchen that ticks all the boxes"...

On the lookout for kitchen design ideas? The kitchen is the space where we prepare meals, eat, socialise and entertain, so it is essential to design a bespoke kitchen that ticks all the boxes. Redesigning a kitchen is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value, so that kitchen island could become a terrific investment for your family’s future.

kitchen designDo your kitchen design homework

The kitchen is not only the heart of the home, it ends up being the house’s social point also. Even more motivation to plan your kitchen design thoroughly! You are likely to be spending plenty of time there, so see to it that you adore it. The best place to begin when planning a kitchen is to do your homework meticulously. Browse through magazines, ask friends and family for advice as you become excited.

Expressive yourself

It’s time to consider the kitchen design you are looking for. Is elegance or traditional more you? Perhaps you prefer some personality? Minimalism is in these days, but is that your look? Maybe you want your laminate floor, wood or perhaps tiles? You will discover an enormous number of alternatives available. It is also time to think about the layout? with or without an island? Handles or handleless? What about colours? Lemon fresh or chic olive?

Wall to walls

Being a wet room and where food is consumed, it is vital to select a wall that’s tough, durable, and resilient. There are simply 100’s of finishes and materials to match the appearance of your dream kitchen. Most contemporary kitchen designers are capable of incorporating any material into kitchen designs, the options are practically infinite.

Under your feet

Flooring choice is among the most important decisions you will make in regards to your kitchen. There are numerous materials and styles that meet all tastes and pockets and there are several important considerations. Hardwood flooring is effective with a range of designs, that are timeless and sophisticated. Tiles are functional, stylish, and affordable, especially for a family home. So do your homework and visit several showrooms before you decide.

Kitchen design considerations

There are many aspects that will need considered when planning your kitchen design. Overall aesthetics with a complimentary appearance that suits your home and obviously price. Think about the varying demands that will be required of your home over the years. Plus are you likely to move in years to come or is this your home for life? A kitchen is a major financial investment and hence requires serious investment of your time in the planning phase.

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So remember: Think about exactly how you use your existing kitchen and how you would like to use the new one. Look at the restrictions in your kitchen, for instance size and the locations of doors, windows and power sockets. Our guide to planning a bespoke kitchen design “Why and how to Select Your Bespoke Kitchen” provides more advice.

Secret guide to your ideal kitchen revealed