Living Room Bespoke Furniture Design

For living room bespoke furniture design that’s been skilfully manufactured to the very highest specifications, Smiths Interiors can craft a tailored solution perfect for your home and lifestyle. This exceptional illustration of notable bespoke storage units, complementing the elegant fireplace, that heroes this spacious living room wonderfully.

Our designer outlined the expectations with the client to completely understand their vision for their living room bespoke furniture. Following the initial client conference, our designers crafted another remarkable sample of Smiths’ exclusive handmade bespoke living room furniture design.

Callum embraced the project, first of all considering how the fitted living room furniture would sit in the space and planned the dimensions and structure. It was essential to make sure the furniture didn’t overwhelm the living space, but nevertheless met the clients storage requirements.

This resulted in a gorgeous fitted storage unit that not just looks fantastic but also satisfies the client needs beautifully, becoming a striking frame to this casual spacious living area. Storage needs were thoroughly planned and tailored in harmony with the living room. The bespoke storage unit is accented, by handmade oak fireplace and luxurious engineered flooring.

The customer was thrilled with the outcome, which they said far surpassed their expectations. They were especially delighted with the back lighting that showcases their collection of ornaments.

Irrespective of whether you are trying to create a centre piece, subtle statement or functional furniture that compliments your home, Smiths living room bespoke furniture options are limited only by your imagination.

DateDecember 2016
Budget£20,000 +
CategoryBespoke Fitted Living Room Furniture Design


Living room bespoke furniture design works:

• Installed a flue lining
• Opened up the fireplace and boarded with a fibre cement board.
• Manufactured and installed oak beam with lacquered finish above fireplace.
• Supplied and installed 40sqm of engineered wood flooring.
• We screeded the floor with ardex NA then fully adhered the flooring. New skirting were then installed.
• Decoration also included; Log burning fire