Shaker Hardwood Handmade Kitchen

You will find no other kitchen style which has endured generations quite like the Shaker, it’s so all-encompassing, complementing town houses, country manors, period homes and modern minimal kitchens. The secret our timelessness of Shaker Hardwood Handmade Kitchen is its simplicity, understated design, with no fancy decoration.

A Shaker Hardwood Handmade Kitchen can be conventional or contemporary. The Shaker style is renowned for its premium workmanship that looks wonderful without any extravagant adornments. When it comes to kitchen furniture this results in unembellished, simple panelled units in natural tones or lighter wood.

To accomplish the Shaker feel in your home, imagine classy lines and sturdy dimensions; you’ll find no classic pillars or elaborate mouldings. Usually the Smiths supply Shaker Hardwood Handmade Kitchen with solid wood worktops, however you may also select a more contemporary product such as granite for instance.

If you’re wanting to make a one off kitchen layout or seeking actual value for money we’ve got a product to accommodate your requirements. All our bespoke kitchens, bedroom furniture and bespke interiors are created from real hardwood. we don’t use MDF and our furniture is made to last a lifetime. Our furniture is hand crafted by expert cabinet-makers, utilizing a mix of innovations and techniques to create luxury handmade kitchens. The furniture tradition inspires us to make kitchens for the busy lifestyles of today, suitable for modern settings and both period

Characteristically Smiths Interiors’ shaker handmade kitchens are produced in period shades comprising creams, greys, blues and greens.

DateJanuary 2017
Budget£25,000 +
CategoryShaker Hardwood Handmade Kitchen


Shaker Hardwood Handmade Kitchen Works:

• Supply and install kitchen with hardwood painted doors and Minerva solid surface
• Complimentary oak breakfast bar
• Bespoke seating and a traditional corner canopy
• The kitchen installation including first fix electrics and plumbing
• 35sqm of Amtico flooring