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Bespoke Carpentry

Beautiful bespoke carpentry and tailor-made furniture, designed for you…


For our craftsmen, no job is too big or too small. Smith’s trade certified carpenters apply their knowledge and experience to any project, from installing media centres, full kitchen manufacturing to complete timber frame extensions and construction projects. We work closely with you to deliver bespoke carpentry assignments on any scale and budget.

Bespoke Carpentry empowers you to have 100% control of the design, style, material and finish of your furniture. More and more people are now choosing bespoke carpentry instead of standard factory designs. We usually  find spaces that simply can’t be occupied by or be fully utilised efficiently with average production line units.

Making use of our highly accomplished artisan carpenters enables you to take full advantage of your living spaces and choose tailor made units that reflect your taste and style precisely. Also, because you are an integral part of the creative process, your custom furniture is a personal expression of your uniqueness.

When shopping for talented and accomplished carpenters there are a few things you might want to identify. A genuine professional carpenter must certainly be a first-rate joiner and craftsman. They need to be capable of providing suggestions and imaginative options throughout your design and manufacturing process. It is essential that your bespoke carpenter has the ability to translate your wishes flawlessly and produce the final project exactly as you imagined it.

Callum’s teams have been producing custom breathtaking and functional furniture, cabinetry and extensive construction projects for over 10 years. Our knowledge and experience in traditional carpentry practices result in perfect bespoke carpentry projects that consistently exceed our clients expectations.

At Smiths Bespoke Carpentry we specialise in handmaking bespoke and fitted furniture that look amazing and designed to your exact brief.