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Bespoke Furniture

Handmade bespoke furniture that’s as unique as you…

We design and create bespoke furniture, for both free standing and fitted installation. The key to our success is sitting down with you to truly understand your brief and subsequently apply or expertise to interpret, develop and deliver your vision. We enjoy working closely with each client and do our very best to make the whole process interesting, unique and satisfying. Your expectations and the way we render those desires within your budget, is the driving force behind our creativity and innovation.

Smith’s Bespoke furniture’s mission with each individual order is to produce a piece of furniture that is beyond mere functionality, it must be distinctive, personal to you and deserving of the hours that’ll be devoted creating it. Many hours can be spent in hand making each piece of furniture so it is crucial that the final design is deserving of the time and money invested on it. We are not satisfied unless the finished piece surpasses your expectations, it needs to address the practical necessities, reflect your lifestyle and essentially be a absolute pleasure to look at and use.

Handmade contemporary bespoke furniture

Every single piece of furniture blends classic techniques of design and manufacturing with modern production practices, hand crafted by our highly skilled cabinet makers. You can rest assured that whatever we create for you will be exclusive and distinct, in its design, its fabrication and more importantly its aesthetics. The words we are waiting to hear are… “Amazing, that’s just how I imagined it would look””

Ultimately, we take pride in solving problems, whether that’s; small spaces, uneven walls, low ceilings, inadequate light, unusual angles etc., whatever the challenge Smiths Bespoke Furniture craftsmen are ready to take it head on.
Why not let Smith’s create you a unique tailor made piece of bespoke furniture, that meets your precise requirements, on time and on budget.


Handmade wood furniture