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Bespoke Interiors

Creating your dream bespoke living space…


Let’s be honest every home has a place for sleeping, a place to cook and a place to bathe. In the meantime, the living room is the place you “live”, where you relax with family and friends, have parties, watch movies and enjoy your hobbies. So how can a room with so many uses meet everyone’s expectations without beautiful, functional, suitable furniture and cabinets? A contemporary bespoke living space must; have concealed storage, display your prized ornaments or cherished family possessions, while reflecting your lifestyle and taste.

What exactly is home for you? Exactly how do you, or how would you prefer to spend your time? Everyone is different, with unique interests and individual choices. Our bespoke living and interior designers are wonderful at interpreting your concepts into actual tangible, stylish and functional furniture, units and space. Watch your exclusive living room come to life as we begin the imaginative journey together. We create breathtaking bespoke furniture and source all materials. The outcome is an exquisitely designed room, that echoes your own individuality.

A space that you’ll love to live in…

Smith’s Bespoke Interiors’ versatile and adaptable design methodology means that you’ll enjoy an almost limitless choice of design freedom. Our hand crafted furnishings are available in a broad range of finishes.

Your new bespoke living room furniture will perfectly complement and enhance your home. With solutions that include; storage and display units, media sockets, integrated illumination and work stations module.

Managing Director, Callum Smith, has been designing and manufacturing unique household furniture for clients for over 10 years. He first mastered his craft in secondary school and subsequent apprentices. Callum still waxes lyrical today about the teachers and artisans who taught him and his tremendous respect for them. He continues to be completely absorbed in the design process and still supervises every project, working directly with the designers and clients to guarantee that everything is flawless.