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Timeless Bespoke Kitchens Created Around Your Lifestyle

Formerly the mission of early philosophers to change base metals into gold, alchemy has mesmerized the world for thousand years. Truthful to the nature of this ancient art, our Alchemy timeless bespoke kitchens merge numerous characteristics to form genuinely precious spaces. Alchemy symbolizes an immaculate composition. It combines a deep knowledge of present day lifestyles with decades of British design legacy. A classic range, for the modern age.

If our kitchen cabinets were able to talk they would speak of philosophy, politics, theology, the arts. They might sound like the best-read people in the room! A genuine melting-pot for the meeting of minds. They would definitely tell some fantastic tales and make a mean Pad Tai.

Striking the balance between classic and modern

Our in house service team and designers will exceed your expectations with premium goods and solutions that work for the individuality, concept and price range of the project and excel in paying attention to your requirements. Our combined knowledge of the joinery, timeless bespoke kitchen trends, technology and sustainability in construction, unit materials and finishes, set us apart.

Smiths Bespoke Interiors is the place to start your new timeless bespoke kitchen project. Our showroom will provide you with inspiration and samples to get you started. Our designers will review your Space Dimension and create floor plans and 3D Pictures To assist you visualize concepts. Every cabinet is built by hand to order, matching your home’s footprint, maximizing storage and performance. We focus on cabinetry design, functionality, durability and practicality. You will be supported by our customer service team and designers at each stage of the process so your always up to date with your project progression.